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SubjectRe: usbutils 0.81 release

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009, Benny Amorsen wrote:

> Alan Stern <stern-nwvwT67g6+6dFdvTe/>
> writes:
> > Sure they do. If you've got an RPM-based system, and you want to
> > install a package version that's more recent than the one bundled in
> > your distribution (or if your distribution doesn't include the package
> > at all), then you'd want to build your own RPM.
> In that case you grab the source package from the distribution, install
> it, bump the version number and add the tar file to the SOURCES
> directory. (And then you remove the patches which were upstreamed in the
> meantime).

You didn't read all that I wrote. What if the package isn't included
in the distribution at all?

Alan Stern

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