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Subjectusbutils 0.81 release
After over a year since the last release, I'd like to announce the
release of usbutils 0.81. It can be found at the traditionally horrible download page:

We've switched over to using git for development now, which makes things
much easier than the old cvs tree. The tree can be found on both and if you want to fork it and send us changes

I've pushed all patches that were in the Gentoo and SuSE usbutils trees
into this release. If there are outstanding patches from other distros,
I'd be very interested in getting them integrated in.


greg k-h


Shortlog of changes since last release (0.73):

Bjørn Mork (1):
usbutils: Adding support for Device Firmware Upgrade functional descriptors

David Brownell (9):
Update ChangeLog Ran autoreconf (for version 0.73).
Make "" work better from cronjobs; update usb.ids
Build on FreeBSD
Use autotools for FreeBSD support; autoreconf. Grab the latest usb.ids file.
use AC_C_BIGENDIAN, update usb.ids, minor layout fix, autoreconf
refresh usb.ids
Add libusb compat code
refresh usb.ids
add attribution omitted from a few years back

Greg Kroah-Hartman (12):
added .gitignore
update usb.ids based on Stephen's latest version
fix compile warning in lsusb.c
fix compile warning in usbmisc.c
update .gitignore
Add PTP gadget id for the Linux Foundation vendor id.
Note in the ChangeLog to look at the git changelog instead.
fix patch corruption in DFU patch
lsusb: make strtoul to use base 10
lsusb: make -t option work if proc file is not present.
lsusb.8 - remove old comments and /proc/bus/usb lines
0.81 release

Kay Sievers (11):
rename ->
delete spec file
delete generated autotools file
update usb.ids
clean up autotools files
remove autotools cache on distclean
bump version to 0.80 to pass "make distcheck"
fix wrong copy-pasted mail address
remove obsolete usbmodules
delete .cvsignore
/proc/bus/usb -> /dev/bus/usb

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