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    Subject[PATCH 0/5] proc: export more page flags in /proc/kpageflags (take 4)
    Hi all,

    Export 9 more flags to end users (and more for kernel developers):

    11. KPF_MMAP (pseudo flag) memory mapped page
    12. KPF_ANON (pseudo flag) memory mapped page (anonymous)
    13. KPF_SWAPCACHE page is in swap cache
    14. KPF_SWAPBACKED page is swap/RAM backed
    17. KPF_UNEVICTABLE page is in the unevictable LRU list
    18. KPF_HWPOISON hardware detected corruption
    19. KPF_NOPAGE (pseudo flag) no page frame at the address

    (*) For compound pages, exporting _both_ head/tail info enables
    users to tell where a compound page starts/ends, and its order.

    Please check the documentary patch and changelog of the final patch
    for the details.

    [PATCH 1/5] pagemap: document clarifications
    [PATCH 2/5] pagemap: documentation new page flags
    [PATCH 3/5] mm: introduce PageHuge() for testing huge/gigantic pages
    [PATCH 4/5] proc: kpagecount/kpageflags code cleanup
    [PATCH 5/5] proc: export more page flags in /proc/kpageflags


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