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Subjectkbuild now support arch/$ARCH/include - time for ARCHs to convert
The traditional location of the arch specific Makefiles
has been at:


But as suggested by several people over time and lately
by Linus in the following post:

is is suggested to move the arch specific files under arch/
and for the header files this is arch/$ARCH/include.

So I have hacked up support for this in kbuild so
for the simpler cases a simple move of header files as
git mv include/asm-$ARCH arch/$ARCH/include/asm

is enough.

If Linus will accept it then I think -rc1 is a perfect
time to do it as people has less stuff pending touching
the header files that are moved.
Validation is easy - does the usual configs build?

For the archs that plays games with symlinks this is a
splendid opportunity to get rid af these.
The receipe is simple:
KBUILD_CFLAGS += -Iarch/$ARCH/include/$CPU

to select the CPU and then do a copy of the header files
like this:

git mv include/asm-$ARCH/$CPU arch/$ARCH/include/$CPU/cpu

Then the code can continue to use:

#include <cpu/foo.h>

I already converted sparc to use arch/sparc/include -
while I merged the header files for sparc and sparc64.
This change is already upstream.

And for SH I posted a receipe which you can read here:

It is SH specific but anyway pretty generic.

I am limited in time and resources at the moment but I
would be glad to help out as time permits should there
be any questions.


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