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    SubjectRe: Areca RAID driver remaining items?
    On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 17:50 +0800, erich wrote:
    > Dear Arjan van de Ven,
    > The following contex is coming from comment of Christoph Hellwig.
    > - msi should be a module options if at all, but defintitly not
    > a config options
    > if (!pci_enable_msi(pci_device))
    > pACB->acb_flags |= ACB_F_HAVE_MSI;
    > #endif
    > I make an option config for prevent some mainboards hang up if arcmsr enable
    > msi function.
    > Areca RAID controller is bridged hardware.
    > There were a lots of mainboards had wrong IRQ routing table issue with it.
    > If somebody meet this issue and people can enable msi function to fix its
    > hardware bug.
    > But unfortunately I found some mainboards will hang up if I always enable
    > this function in my lab.
    > To avoid this issue, I do an option for this case.

    yes the reason for making this optional is clear, and Christoph also
    understands that.

    However the idea that Christoph is proposing is to not make it a compile
    time option, but a runtime option. Compile-time is not very flexible,
    especially not for linux distributions. Making it a module option means
    it becomes runtime behavior, and the user can load the module like

    modprobe aerca msi=0

    and msi gets turned off. No need to recompile anything! That has many
    advantages over a more inflexible (from the user view) compiletime-only

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