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    SubjectRe: [Suspend2-devel] Re: [ 00/10] [Suspend2] Modules support.
    Quoting Nigel Cunningham <>:

    > It reminds me why I started working on this in the first place. It wasn't
    > because I wanted to be a big shot kernel developer or the like, or have my
    > name in the kernel credits. It was because I wanted to use the code.

    And what a superb job you have done with suspend2! Kudos Nigel!

    Here are the facts from my notebook suspend2 actually does work, works
    reliably, is fast and pretty, none of which is true for swsusp. From my
    user perspective, the refusal to merge suspend2 into mainline etc. is
    just contributing to one thing - Linux not having decent suspend/resume
    in vanilla tree.

    I travel on the train every day and I can confidently say that I'm the
    only person there with a Linux based notebook. Everyone else is having
    Windows or an occasional Mac. These people *never* have to worry about
    suspending and resuming - it just works for them. That's because
    Microsoft and Apple decided this was important many, many years ago.

    Unless mainline kernel folks decide to give people something that works
    and works reliably, this thing will drag on for many more years, I'm
    afraid. Ah well, as long as you keep the great job releasing suspend2
    for the up-to-date kernels, at least one more Linux notebook will be
    able to suspend/resume properly.

    Bottom line: With your code, my machine works. Without it, it doesn't.

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