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    Subject[PATCH 00/13] [RFC] IB: PathScale InfiniPath driver
    Here is an initial submission from PathScale of a driver for
    InfiniPath InfiniBand HCAs. The driver is fairly big -- some single
    files are more than the 100 KB limit for lkml posts -- so I've split
    it up into a patch series so it can be reviewed inline. The split-up
    doesn't make sense functionally but I want to make review as easy as
    possible; any final import will merge the driver as a single git

    I've also put the current splitup patchset into my git tree at


    in the ipath branch.

    There are some things I noticed that could maybe be cleaned up, like
    having sysctls that set values also settable through module parameters
    under /sys/module, code inside #ifndef __KERNEL__ so include files can
    be shared with other PathScale code, code in ipath_i2c.c that might be
    simplified by using drivers/i2c, etc. I'd like to try to get a sense
    of whether I'm being too picky or whether PathScale really does need
    to fix these up before the driver is merged.

    Basically I'm trying to feel my way as a maintainer so I can find the
    right balance between wanting kernel code to be absolutely perfect and
    not wanting to put arbitrary hurdles in front of a vendor who has done
    a lot of work on contributing an open driver for their hardware.

    I am especially interested in feedback about the mergability of this
    driver from the broader kernel community, although of course feedback
    from the InfiniBand/RDMA community on IB-specific aspects of the
    driver is very much appreciated as well.

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