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    SubjectNotebook disk spindown
    Hello developpers,

    this is a short description of a particular wish of notebook
    users. Since kernel 2.2.11 the buffer flushing deamon is no longer
    a user space program but part of the kernel (in fs/buffer.c).

    Before this kernel release it was the bdflush-program which
    could be called with certain command line parameters in order
    to control flushing of file system buffers. In particular in
    combination with the hdparm-program it could be used to
    spin down the hard disk (e.g. of laptops) if it was not accessed.

    I know that by writing to /proc/sys/vm/bdflush relevant kernel
    paramters may be modified. But there are certain limits compiled
    into every kernel, which have the consequence that

    *a silent hard disk hard disk is no longer feasible since kernel

    I have modified the constants used in fs/buffer.c to allow for
    bigger time intervals between forced buffer flushings. The "patch"
    may be found at .

    Shouldn't Linux support hard disk spindown during periods of
    inactivity? Is the tiny patch worth of being included into standard

    Tim Brunne

    Tim Brunne | web:
    Hahn-Meitner-Institut | email:

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