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SubjectArgument list too long: out of environment space
Hi all,

I have 9600 files in a directory and have troubles processing them. I
thought it was a bash problem but Chet Ramey kindly informed me that
it's a Linux kernel limitation.

bash-2.03$ cd tttt/
bash-2.03$ echo * | wc
1 9569 279676
bash-2.03$ getconf ARG_MAX
bash-2.03$ grep hello *
bash: /bin/grep: Argument list too long
bash-2.03$ sort *
bash: /bin/sort: Argument list too long

Why is this limit so small? There are only 9600 files taking a total of
less than 300k to specify all of the names. The machine has 100's of Mb
of RAM. Is it easy to change/fix?


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