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SubjectRe: Argument list too long: out of environment space
Stuart Inglis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have 9600 files in a directory and have troubles processing them. I
> thought it was a bash problem but Chet Ramey kindly informed me that
> it's a Linux kernel limitation.
> bash-2.03$ cd tttt/
> bash-2.03$ echo * | wc
> 1 9569 279676
> bash-2.03$ getconf ARG_MAX
> 131072
> bash-2.03$ grep hello *
> bash: /bin/grep: Argument list too long
> bash-2.03$ sort *
> bash: /bin/sort: Argument list too long
> bash-2.03$
> Why is this limit so small? There are only 9600 files taking a total of
> less than 300k to specify all of the names. The machine has 100's of Mb
> of RAM. Is it easy to change/fix?

[...and later...]

> Usually I get around problems like this by passing `echo *` into head or
> tail +N etc. xargs isn't an option due to the massive startup times of
> our custom commands.
> This is actually a small example... we often have more files than this
> :-)

You actually show the solution to your problem.
echo * | wc
worked, right? So pass your list of files to your apps the same way,
namely as a list to stdin. (And if that's not an option, you can always
add a -f <filename> flag to your custom commands where the file holds
the list of files you're working with.) Since we're dealing with
"custom commands" you should be able to customize them accordingly.


Eli Carter

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