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SubjectRe: AMD K6-2/400 and FIC VA-503+BM with Linux 2.0.36
John Fulmer wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> >A friend had the same symptoms because someone
> >had a price tag sticker between cpu and heatsink.
> I will try ripping off the heat transfer pad on the fan and just
> use heatsink compound, however.

SON OF A GUN! My problem is apparently fixed!

Here's what i did:

1) took out my cpu, and removed all lables from it. This included
the little paper inventory tracking tag, and the plastic warranty
lable (it was already out of 30 day warrenty). DO NOT REMOVE THE

2) Removed the cheezy rubberish heat transfer pad from the CPU

3) I had some really good heat transfer grease, the nice gray,
thick, gunky kind, and slathered (well put about enough for the
size and thickness of a dime or small coin) it on th processor.

4) Put everything back together. I will note that I put the cpu
fan on before I pushed the ZIF socket lever back down. This was
an accident, and probably didn't do anything.

5) Reset my motherboard to 100Mhz memory, and full (350Mhz)

My usual test has been multiple, concurrent long compiles, like
the kernel and Window Maker. I would get consistant segfaults
and/or ASM errors EVERY time.

Now everything works normally. My guess is that the labels
created small hot spots in critical areas of the CPU. The rest of
the CPU would stay very cool, but just a few hot spots would
exist. Probably the combination of the transfer grease and
removing the labels eliminated the hot spots and everyting works
very well. The interesting thing is that it would only happen
under intense load, and ONLY under Linux. Guess you can be TOO
efficient sometimes :)

My faith in AMD, FIC, and Linux is restored. My faith in myself
is a bit humbled, however :)


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