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SubjectRe: AMD K6-2/400 and FIC VA-503+BM with Linux 2.0.36
> Are your K6's the ones rated for 100MHz and also the heatsinks
> well attached. A friend had the same symptoms because someone
> had a price tag sticker between cpu and heatsink.
I had the same problem running my k62/350/100Mhz bus speed. You might need a _good_ motherboard
- I strongly reccomend you an EPOX MVP3-C or G because they have temperature monitoring
system/cooling fan control, some silicone spread between CPU and cooler, and, of course,
the _ultimate_ cooler model, some manufacturers make real 10 cm high turbines. I still don't know
if there are some kernel patches for a /dev/temperature with epox motherboards.

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