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SubjectRe: AMD K6-2/400 and FIC VA-503+BM with Linux 2.0.36
> I am having similar problems with some K6-2/350 and VA-503+ MB's
> design. Exact same symtoms, and if I move to the next lower
> speed, it works fine. Replaced processors, same problem. So it is
> either a widespread problem with the K6's quality control, or the
> VA-503+'s. Most people blame the memory, but I've tried enough
> different pieces of memory to know better, by this time.

Are your K6's the ones rated for 100MHz and also the heatsinks
well attached. A friend had the same symptoms because someone
had a price tag sticker between cpu and heatsink.

I'm told but haven't verified this that there are 66MHz bus only
K6/2 parts

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