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    SubjectRe: small addition to keyboard driver propose with patch
    In message <> dalecki writes:

    >Yes that's what I'm doing. I preffer to work under X11 if there is need

    If you can work only under X its good, but I work as sysadmin
    in ISP, and almost all machines which I have its a diferent kind of
    servers, and almost on all of this machines X even not instaled.

    >fluffy features. However one can't disable the unicode desease in the
    >current kernel!

    Unicode is not desease. In Poland you have only 3 or four letters
    diferent from ASCII. And diferences between english l and polish is minimal,
    but I live in Ukraine & need 37 cyrrilic letters absolutely different from
    any latin. And as for me Unicode is very useful. Even on textual console.

    And if this Unicode stuff annoyed for you it can be implemented
    as a configurable option.

    >Read twice. With the design propsal properly implementid. (This still
    >needs to be done.)
    >You should be able to emulate anything you where talking about entierly
    >user space without polluting the console implementation in kernel.

    I prefer in-kernel console driver that look like virtual terminal.
    Yes, we can leave in kernel minimum (vt52) function for single screen console
    and all other do in user space. But this "user space" program even for user
    nobody must be running with superuser level. Imho 10kb of code in kernel
    is murch better that potential 10k security holes in "user space multiconsole
    implementation" that must be worked with uid 0 even for user nobody.

    SY, Stanislav Voronyi.

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