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    SubjectRe: documenting the kernel
    Alexander L. Belikoff wrote:

    > bother them. Instead, the better documented the cod is, the more
    > people will be able to fix bugs they encounter without asking others,
    > so the more time the gurus will spend on introducing new features
    > instead of fixing the old bugs.

    Do realize that there are also lots of "wrong" ways to fix some
    problems. I spent two weeks mailing back and forth with Linus
    to get the outline for the previous kmalloc "approved".

    Linus is good at that: seeing at a glance what a good design is,
    and what isn't. Lots of crap code gets rejected. He is a stubborn
    man, and he is right about lots of things.

    But keep in mind, that he has to read all the stuff that gets thrown
    at him. Crap or no crap. I bet that you wouldn't be able to keep up
    with the volume of mail that he gets....

    I find the Linux source code very readable, rewriting some piece of
    Linux-kernel usually takes me 4 hours of just simply reading. I write
    upto 10 lines of code in that time, and erasing them time after
    time. Then suddenly I understand what I'm doing and write the thing in
    half an hour. (That's how the previous kmalloc got written).


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