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SubjectRe: documenting the kernel
Alan Cox:

: Just pick a bit of code and contribute docs, either to the Linux KHG
: or to comments/document files for the source tree. I'm happy to start
: checking them in and Im sure Linus won't object too much

I hope you check them for correctness and conciseness.

The interesting comments are global.
With well-chosen identifiers and a clean programming style
local comments are often superfluous.
Heavily commented code is not very readable.
But an incorrect comment can make finding a bug much harder;
without the comment one just reads the code, and sees a bug;
with the comment it requires mental effort to disregard it
while reading the code.

[In other words, I would prefer seeing the documentation go into
the KHG, and have comments written by the people who also wrote
the code.]


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