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SubjectRe: documenting the kernel
> I find the Linux source code very readable, rewriting some piece of
> Linux-kernel usually takes me 4 hours of just simply reading. I write
> upto 10 lines of code in that time, and erasing them time after
> time. Then suddenly I understand what I'm doing and write the thing in
> half an hour. (That's how the previous kmalloc got written).

really nice ... the trial and error method :-)

But documention is a _must_!

For the start: could some people paint some graphics, charts and structure picture
(one picture says more then 1000 words) for the basic fundamentals!? This implied
a graphic environment: i vote for LaTeX.

If the pictures available, other (or the same people) can describe it.



PS: it's clear, that the documention cannot 100% up-to-date

Hartmut Koptein EMail:
Friedrich-van-Senden-Str. 7
26603 Aurich
Tel.: +49-4941-10390

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