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    SubjectProblem with sound driver in 2.0.0
    Chris Adams writes:
    > I am trying to use the sound driver in 2.0.0 with a ProAudio Spectrum 16
    > sound card, and it doesn't work. All I get is:
    > Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?
    > I have tried every combination of IRQ/DMA setting I can think of, and I
    > still get the above message. I think it used to work with older kernels
    > (I haven't used the sound card in a while), and it works fine under
    > MS-DOS (I tried the settings I use under DOS first).
    > I have a Intel Triton motherboard with a Pentium 100. I don't have an
    > Adaptec 1542 (the HOWTOs and READMEs say there are problems with these).
    > the only other card in the computer (other than video) is a Linksys
    > NE2000 compatible ethernet card. I have tried with the PAS16 SCSI
    > configured and without, and with and without the NE2000 driver. This is
    > all on a RedHat 3.0.3 system upgraded using the packages at RedHat's
    > site.

    I get similar messages with my Gravis Ultrasound, but intermittently. I
    have only been able to get them to happen while playing DOOM; normal
    /dev/audio use doesn't seem to trigger it, although something possibly
    related causes very infrequent and intermittent failures of programs
    that use /dev/audio. However, in those cases the "DMA (output) timed
    out" message doesn't appear; the program just says it failed to open
    /dev/audio that time.

    I know there aren't any IRQ or DRQ conflicts on my system, and I have a
    busmastering SCSI controller that uses DMA and doesn't exhibit problems
    of this sort. I also believe there was a time when the sound driver
    didn't exhibit this problem, but sadly I can't remember exactly when I
    saw the problem start.

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