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Subject[PATCH v12 0/6] Introduce PRU remoteproc consumer API
The Programmable Real-Time Unit and Industrial Communication Subsystem
(PRU-ICSS or simply PRUSS) on various TI SoCs consists of dual 32-bit
RISC cores (Programmable Real-Time Units, or PRUs) for program execution.

There are 3 foundation components for PRUSS subsystem: the PRUSS platform
driver, the PRUSS INTC driver and the PRUSS remoteproc driver. All were
already merged and can be found under:

1) drivers/soc/ti/pruss.c
2) drivers/irqchip/irq-pruss-intc.c
3) drivers/remoteproc/pru_rproc.c

The programmable nature of the PRUs provide flexibility to implement custom
peripheral interfaces, fast real-time responses, or specialized data handling.
Example of a PRU consumer drivers will be:
- Software UART over PRUSS
- PRU-ICSS Ethernet EMAC

In order to make usage of common PRU resources and allow the consumer drivers to
configure the PRU hardware for specific usage the PRU API is introduced.

This is the v12 of the patch series [1]. This version of the patchset
addresses the comments made on v11 [11] of the series.

Two more patch series have been posted ([2] and [3]) that depends on this
series, one has been posted to the soc/ti/ tree and another
to the networking tree. All the 3 series including this one, has been
sent as RFC [4] to get comments and to explain the dependencies.

Changes from v11 to v12 :

*) Removed extra put_device() from pru_rproc_get() API as asked by Roger.
*) Removed rproc_put() call in the API __pru_rproc_get() when
rproc_get_by_phandle() returns null. Instead of that just return the error

Changes from v10 [10] to v11 :

*) Re-ordered the patches 2/6 and 3/6 of the series as asked by Roger. Now the
2/6 patch of the series introduces the enum pruss_pru_id and the header file
<linux/pruss.h>. The patch 3/6 of the series introduces the pru_rproc_get()
and pru_rproc_put() APIS with their actua desired arguments.

Changes from v9 [9] to v10 :

*) There was compilation issue in v9 of the series because of dependencies
between 2nd and 3rd patch of the series. Fixed the dependencies in this series.
*) Added enum documentation following the kernel-doc style [12] as asked by
Roger for 3/6 patch of the series.

Changes from v8 [8] to v9 :

*) Fixed the warnings generated by running script.
*) Added Review/Ack tags.
*) Listed just the SoBs tags for all the patches as suggested by Mathieu.
*) Removed a comment for an already documented field in patch 5/6 of this series.

Changes from v7 [7] to v8 :

*) Removed get_device(&rproc->dev) from API __pru_rproc_get() in patch 2/5 of
this series as asked by Roger.
*) Replaced all the SoBs (other than mine) to Co-developed-by tags for all
the patches in this series as asked by Mathieu.
*) Added a new patch (3/6) in this series for Introduction of pruss_pru_id enum.
Previously this enum was part of patch 2/6. As asked by Roger removed this enum
(and the APIs that are using the enum) from patch 2/6 and added it in new patch.
*) Removed a comment for an already documented field in patch 2/6 of this series.
*) Changed 'pru' to 'PRU' in comment of API pru_rproc_set_firmware() as asked by

Changes from v6 [6] to v7 :

*) Removed example section from ti,pru-consumer.yaml as the full example
included compatible property as well which is not introduced in this series
thus creating dt check binding error. Removing the example section fixes the
dt binding check error. The example section will be included in
"ti,icssg-prueth.yaml" in the next version of series [3]
*) Updated the commit message for patch 1/5 of this series to address Krzysztof's

Changes from v5 [5] to v6 :

*) Added rproc_get_by_phandle() in pru_rproc_get()
*) Provided background of Ctable in the commit messege.
*) Removed patch "" [13] (6th Patch of the v5 of this series)
as it has dependency on series [2], thus creating a cyclic dependency.

The patch [12] will be sent along with the next version of series [2].


Thanks and Regards,
Md Danish Anwar

MD Danish Anwar (2):
remoteproc: pru: Add enum for PRU Core Identifiers.
remoteproc: pru: Add APIs to get and put the PRU cores

Roger Quadros (1):
remoteproc: pru: Add pru_rproc_set_ctable() function

Suman Anna (2):
dt-bindings: remoteproc: Add PRU consumer bindings
remoteproc: pru: Make sysfs entries read-only for PRU client driven

Tero Kristo (1):
remoteproc: pru: Configure firmware based on client setup

.../bindings/remoteproc/ti,pru-consumer.yaml | 60 +++++
drivers/remoteproc/pru_rproc.c | 230 +++++++++++++++++-
include/linux/pruss.h | 83 +++++++
3 files changed, 368 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/remoteproc/ti,pru-consumer.yaml
create mode 100644 include/linux/pruss.h


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