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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lib/cpumask: update comment for cpumask_local_spread()

On 12/14/2022 11:47 AM, Valentin Schneider wrote:
> On 12/12/22 20:32, Yury Norov wrote:
>> Now that we have an iterator-based alternative for a very common case
>> of using cpumask_local_spread for all cpus in a row, it's worth to
>> mention it in comment to cpumask_local_spread().
>> Signed-off-by: Yury Norov <>
>> ---
>> Hi Tariq, Valentin,
>> I rebased your iterators patches on top of cpumask_local_spread() rework.
>> (Rebase is not plain simple.) The result is on bitmap-for-next branch,
>> and in -next too.
> I had a look, LGTM.
>> This patch adds a note on alternative approach in cpumask_local_spread()
>> comment, as we discussed before.
>> I'm going to send pull request with cpumask_local_spread() rework by the
>> end of this week. If you want, I can include your patches in the request.
>> Otherwise please consider appending this patch to your series.
> It would probably make sense to send it all together, especially since you
> went through the trouble of rebasing the patches :)
> Thanks!

Same here.

Reviewed-by: Tariq Toukan <>


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