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SubjectRe: [PATCH] reiserfs: Force type conversion in xattr_hash
On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 08:22:37PM +0530, Bharath Vedartham wrote:

> > ISTR some discussions of reiserfs layout endianness problems, but
> > that had been many years ago and I could be wrong; I _think_
> > the conclusion had been "it sucks, but we can't do anything
> > without breaking existing filesystem images". Not sure if that
> > was the same bug or something different, though.
> Hi Al,
> Thanks for your detailed explanation. I learnt quite a bit from it.
> I agree we should not "supress" this bug.
> I have noticed in the reiserfs code that, a checksum mismatch only
> causes a warning? Even if there is a checksum mismatch, data still is
> copied to the buffer?
> What is the point of the checksum over here?

reiserfs_warning(inode->i_sb, "jdm-20002",
"Invalid hash for xattr (%s) associated "
"with %k", name, INODE_PKEY(inode));
err = -EIO;
IOW, reiserfs_xattr_get() fails on mismatch, not just whines into log.

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