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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] objtool: Add support for Arm64
On Tue, Apr 09, 2019 at 02:52:37PM +0100, Raphael Gault wrote:
> Hi,
> As of now, objtool only supports the x86_64 architecture but the
> groundwork has already been done in order to add support for other
> architecture without too much effort.
> This series of patches adds support for the arm64 architecture
> based on the Armv8.5 Architecture Reference Manual.
> * Patch 1 adapts the existing code to be able to add support for other
> architecture.
> * Patch 2 provide implementation of the required function for the arm64
> architecture.
> * Patch 3 adapts the checking of the stack state for the arm64
> architecture.
> * Patch 4 & 5 fix some warning objtool raised in some particular
> functions of ~/arch/arm64/kernel/sleep.S. Patch 4 add a macro to
> signal that some function should be ignored by objtool.
> * Patch 6 enables stack validation for arm64.
> Theses patches should provide support for the main cases and behaviour.
> However a few corner cases are not yet handled by objtool:
> * In the `~/arch/arm64/crypto/` directory, I noticed that some plain
> data are sometimes stored in the `.text` section causing objtool to mistake
> this for instructions and trying (and failing) to interprete them. If someone
> could explain to me why we store data directly in the .text section I would
> appreciate it.

I haven't looked, but it should probably be moved to .rodata. We had
cases like that for x86.

> * In the support for arm32 architecture such as in `~/arch/arm64/kernel/kuser32.S`
> some A32 instructions are used but such instructions are not understood by
> objtool causing a warning.
> I also have a few unclear points I would like to bring to your
> attention:
> * For x86_64, when looking for a symbol relocation with explicit
> addend, objtool systematically adds a +4 offset to the addend.
> I don't understand why even if I have a feeling it is related
> to the type of relacation.

This is because of how relative call/jump addresses are implemented on
x86. It calculates the call/jump destination by adding the encoded offset
to the *ending* address of the instruction, rather than to the address
of the encoded offset itself.

For example:

119ca0: e8 00 00 00 00 callq 119ca5 <__ia32_sys_sched_rr_get_interval+0x5>
119ca1: R_X86_64_PC32 __fentry__-0x4

This instruction is a call to the __fentry__ function. The rela addend
is the address of the destination function (__fentry__) minus 4. After
applying the relocation, it resolves to:

ffffffff81002010: e8 eb f7 9f 00 callq ffffffff81a01800 <__fentry__>

The destination address is "0x9ff7eb", which is indeed __fentry__ - 4.

x86 expects it to be that way, because the x86 CPU adds the offset to
the *end* of the instruction: ffffffff81002015 (last digit is 5, not 0).

0xffffffff81002015 + 0x9ff7eb = 0xfffffff81a01800, which is indeed the
address of __fentry__.

And there's always a 4-byte gap between the relocation target and the
end of the instruction, so the rela addend always has the -4. So when
reading the relocation we have to add the 4 bytes back to get the actual
destination address.

> * I currently don't have a clear understanding about how switch-tables
> are generated on arm64 and how to retrieve them (based on relocations).

This is indeed a bit tricky on x86.

> Please provide me with any feedback and comments as well on the content
> than the style of these patches.

Overall it looks like a great start. I added some per-patch comments.

Has the cross-compile path been tested? Specifically, compiling for a
arm64 target on an x86 host? In other words, objtool would be an x86
binary which reads arm64 objects. I imagine that will be a semi-common
use case. Objtool already supports cross-compiling for an x86-64 target
on an x86-32 host (and also a powerpc host IIRC), so it should be
do-able in theory, and it might "just work".

For the next version, please base it on the -tip tree, as that's where
all the latest objtool changes are. Peter refactored some code which
has some minor conflicts with yours.


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