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SubjectRe: char/tpm: Improve a size determination in nine functions
>> I imagine that a corresponding source code analysis variant could be applied
>> in more cases if sufficient acceptance could be achieved.
> So, then instead of still keeping people busy with this noise you better
> start doing something like CI integration with that for *new* code?

There are various software development challenges to consider.

> I'm pretty sure you may also exercise your achievements on
> drivers/staging where it would be honored.

I am waiting for several improvements also for software components
in this area for a while. Would you like to take another look
at these change possibilities?

> Have you talked to Fengguang (0-day LKP)?

Not directly for this topic so far.

> Have you talked to Arnd (I think he is related to kernel-ci)?

I am curious on how he will respond to remaining open issues.


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