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SubjectRe: char/tpm: Improve a size determination in nine functions
>> 	p = kmalloc(sizeof(*p), ...);
>> The alternative form where struct name is spelled out hurts readability and
>> introduces an opportunity for a bug when the pointer variable type is changed
>> but the corresponding sizeof that is passed to a memory allocator is not.
> True, thanks for the reminder.

Will it trigger further software development considerations (besides my contributions)?

> Is this common in new code?

Do you start an official survey here?

> Is there a script/ or some other automated way of catching this usage

Yes. - I am using an approach for the semantic patch language. ;-)

> before patches are upstreamed?

I imagine that a corresponding source code analysis variant could be applied
in more cases if sufficient acceptance could be achieved.

> Just as you're doing here, the patch description should reference this
> in the patch description.

Do you find my wording “This issue was detected by using the Coccinelle software.” insufficient?


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