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SubjectRe: char/tpm: Improve a size determination in nine functions
>> Do you find my wording “This issue was detected by using the
>> Coccinelle software.” insufficient?
> The question is not whether it is insufficient, but whether it is appropriate.

I am curious on how our corresponding discussion will evolve further.

> Detecting Coccinelle issues is one step.  The next step is deciding
> what to do with them.

Will the clarification achieve any more useful results?

> Up to now, these messages have been sent out as informational, not as patches.

I sent some update suggestions as patches also in this series (as usual).

> Before sending patches to change existing code, address the "problem"
> so that it doesn't continue to happen.

It might be very challenging to achieve such a goal.

> Only afterwards is it appropriate to discuss what to do with existing code.

I would prefer to get corresponding improvements in both areas in parallel
(if it is generally possible).


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