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SubjectRe: [PATCHv6 00/10] Cleanup and add support for SSD1305

On 31/03/15 21:27, Thomas Niederprüm wrote:
> Hi,
> this patch series is the result of making the ssd1307fb driver work with
> a Newhaven OLED display using the Solomon SSD1305 controller. To achieve
> this the intialization code for the SSD1306 and the SSD1307 is merged
> and based on DT configuration to reflect the various possible wirings
> of the SSD130X controller (04/10). Based on these changes it is straight
> forward to add support for the SSD1305 controller (06/10).
> While working on the driver I realized that it was not possible to
> correctly mmap the video memory from userspace since the address handed
> to the userspace app is a logical one where it should be a physical one.
> Patch 01/10 fixes this. Furthermore the memory reserved by kzalloc is
> not page aligned while the address handed to userspace is aligned to the
> next page frame. This problem is fixed by using __get_free_pages() in 02/10.
> Furthermore a module parameter is added to set the delay for the
> deferred io update (07/10). Also the backlight class is implemented to make
> the contrast setting available in userspace (09/10).
> changes since v1 (thanks to Maxime for the feedback):
> - dedicated patch for fixing smem_start address
> - remove page reserve upon vmalloc
> - remove return value check upon display turn-off at module unload
> - use a module parameter refreshrate rather than delaydivider
> - allocate fbdefio dynamically
> - use sysfs_create_groups to create sysfs entries
> - remove contrast, vhcom and dclk properties from DT since they are
> not part of hw description. The contrast module parameter was added
> to set contrast at load time. vhcom and dclk stays at it's default
> values for now.
> - add new DT properties to in tree users of ssd130X
> - rebased to apply on top of linux-next
> changes since v2 (thanks to Maxime again):
> - free memory allocated by vmalloc on driver unload
> - set default values in the init code to the ones of the existing ssd1307
> init code
> - added two ACKs (Maxime Ripard)
> changes since v3:
> - use backlight class rather than dedicated sysfs files to set the
> contrast (Thanks to Tomi Valkeinen)
> - remove [PATCHv3 08/10] fbdev: ssd1307fb: Add module parameter bitsperpixel
> - add new patch to blank the display (unreviewed)
> - allocate video memory through __get_free_pages() rather than vmalloc
> (Thanks to Geert Uytterhoeven)
> - minor rewordings of the commit messages
> changes since v4 (thanks to Maxime):
> - added two ACKs (Maxime Ripard)
> - updated the documentation to make clear the unit of com-offset
> - move addition of the module parameter contrast to a separate patch (09/11)
> - fix indentation errors
> - get rid of device_id in the device_info struct
> changes since v5:
> - remove [PATCHv5 09/11] fbdev: ssd1307fb: Add module parameter to set
> the initial contrast
> - remove unnecessary variable initialization in the deviceinfo struct as
> pointed out by Maxime
> - make the variable dclk_div hold the actual divider rather than the
> corresponding bit value
> - remove ret variable in ssd1307fb_blank() (thanks to Olliver Schinagl)
> - fixed bit mask for com_invdir as indicated by Olliver
> - change initialization of the charge pump as suggested by Olliver
> - change the default value for prechargep2 to 0x2 (thanks to Olliver)
> - change DT property name "com-sequential" to "com-seq"
> - added one ACK (Maxime Ripard)
> - added Tested-by Olliver Schinagl

I have queued this version for 4.2, with all the acks.


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