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SubjectAtmel updates to atmel_mxt_ts touch controller driver - v5 Daniel Kurtz <>, Henrik Rydberg <>, Joonyoung Shim <>, , ,
The following patches are an updated series of patches to the atmel_mxt_ts
touch driver. They should apply cleanly to input/next.

This is a combined patchset, I've been working to merge my changes with the
changes from the Chromium team. It's undergone a lot of testing and review
over the last few months and I believe it is now ready to go upstream.

Most of these changes have been maintained and tested out-of-tree in some form
for a long time. I apologise for the backlog.

We also provide a set of user-space utilities as open source which are
available from github and work well with this driver:

You can see the in-between versions at

Nick Dyer Senior Software Engineer
ITDev Hardware and Software Development Consultancy

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