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    SubjectLinux 3.1-rc5
    So it's been another week, and it's time for another -rc.

    However, is still down, and there really hasn't been
    a ton of development going on, so I considered just skipping a week.
    But hey, the whole point (well, *one* of the points) of distributed
    development is that no single place is really any different from any
    other, so since I did a github account for my divelog thing, why not
    see how well it holds up to me just putting my whole kernel repo there

    So while is down for the count, let's just see how github does:

    NOTE! One thing to look out for when you see a new random public
    hosting place usage like that is to verify that yes, it's really the
    person you think it is. So is it?

    You can take a few different approaches:

    (a) Heck, it's open source, I don't care who I pull from, I just want
    a new kernel, and not having a new update from in the last
    few days, I *really* need my new kernel fix. I'll take it, because I
    need to exercise my CPU's by building randconfig kernels. Besides, I
    like living dangerously.

    (b) Yeah, the email looks like it comes from Linus, and we all know
    that SMTP cannot possibly be spoofed, so it must be him.

    (c) Ok, I can fetch that tree, and I know that Linus always does
    signed tags, and I can verify the 3.1-rc5 tag with Linus known public
    GPG key that I have somewhere. If it matches, I don't care who the
    person doing the release announcement is, I'll trust that Linus signed
    the tree

    (d) I'll just wait for to feel better.

    Whatever works for you.

    One thing to note: If you just do

    git pull

    you probably won't get the tags, since it's not your origin branch. So do

    git fetch --tags <...>

    too, so that you get not only the actual changes, but the tag that you
    can verify too.

    And I *would* suggest you just pull into an existing tree, rather than
    clone a new copy. I bet the github people will appreciate that.

    Anything worth saying about the changes themselves? The appended
    shortlog pretty much speaks for itself: there really hasn't been much
    excitement on the kernel development front.

    Now, if you want to talk to me about dive logging software, that's a
    whole different kettle of fish..


    Abhilash K V (2):
    can: ti_hecc: Fix unintialized variable
    can: ti_hecc: Fix uninitialized spinlock in probe

    Abhilash Kesavan (2):
    ARM: S5PV210: Fix build warning
    ARM: S3C64XX: Fix build break in PM debug

    Alex Deucher (2):
    drm/radeon/kms: add s/r quirk for Compaq Presario V5245EU
    drm/radeon/kms: make sure pci max read request size is valid on
    evergreen+ (v2)

    Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
    carl9170: Fix mismatch in carl9170_op_set_key mutex lock-unlock

    Anton Blanchard (1):
    ibmveth: Fix leak when recycling skb and hypervisor returns error

    Axel Lin (1):
    ARM: 7019/1: Footbridge: select CLKEVT_I8253 for ARCH_NETWINDER

    Bryan Wu (2):
    ARM: mach-orion5x: add missing header file <linux/vga.h>
    ARM: mach-footbridge: add missing header file <video/vga.h>

    Catalin Marinas (1):
    ARM: 7015/1: ARM errata: Possible cache data corruption with
    hit-under-miss enabled

    Chen Ganir (1):
    Bluetooth: Fixed wrong L2CAP Sock timer value

    Christoph Hellwig (3):
    xfs: deprecate the nodelaylog mount option
    xfs: fix xfs_mark_inode_dirty during umount
    xfs: fix ->write_inode return values

    Chunhe Lan (1):
    powerpc/p1023rds: Fix the error of bank-width of nor flash

    Dan Carpenter (1):
    Bluetooth: unlock if allocation fails in hci_blacklist_add()

    Dave Airlie (1):
    drm/radeon/kms: set a default max_pixel_clock

    David Engraf (1):
    shwdt: fix usage of mod_timer

    David S. Miller (1):
    sparc64: Only Panther cheetah+ chips have POPC.

    David Woodhouse (1):
    bcma: add uevent to the bus, to autoload drivers

    Eric Bénard (1):
    ARM: 7051/1: cpuimx* boards: fix mach-types errors

    Eric Dumazet (3):
    bridge: fix a possible use after free
    arp: fix rcu lockdep splat in arp_process()
    netpoll: fix incorrect access to skb data in __netpoll_rx

    Florian Fainelli (1):
    ARM: fix perf build with uclibc toolchains

    Florian Tobias Schandinat (1):
    MAINTAINERS: change framebuffer maintainer

    Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
    bitops: Move find_next_bit.o from lib-y to obj-y

    Giuseppe CAVALLARO (1):
    net/phy: fix DP83865 phy interrupt handler

    Huang Weiyi (1):
    ARM: EXYNOS4: remove duplicated inclusion

    Ido Yariv (2):
    wl12xx: Remove obsolete testmode NVS push command
    wl12xx: Fix validation of pm_runtime_get_sync return value

    Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD (1):
    at91: at91sam9261.c: fix typo in t2_clk alias for atmel_tcb.0

    Jerome Glisse (1):
    drm/radeon/kms: evergreen & ni reset SPI block on CP resume

    Jesper Juhl (1):
    ARM: static should be at beginning of declaration

    Jiaying Zhang (1):
    ext4: remove i_mutex lock in ext4_evict_inode to fix lockdep complaining

    Jonghwan Choi (1):
    ARM: EXYNOS4: Fix wrong devname to support clkdev

    Joonyoung Shim (1):
    drm: Fix the number of connector and encoder to cleanup functions

    Kim Phillips (1):
    powerpc/85xx: enable caam crypto driver by default

    Kjetil Oftedal (1):
    sparc32,sun4d: Change IPI IRQ level to prevent collision between
    IPI and timer interrupt

    Kukjin Kim (2):
    ARM: S5P64X0: Replace irq_gc_ack() with irq_gc_ack_set_bit()
    ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix Section mismatch in samsung_bl_set()

    Kuninori Morimoto (4):
    ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372: Add USB-DMAC support
    ARM: mach-shmobile: mackerel: Add USB-DMA ID
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh73a0: tidyup CKSCR main clock selecter
    ARM: mach-shmobile: clock-sh7372: fixup USB-DMAC1 settings

    Kyungmin Park (2):
    ARM: EXYNOS4: Use the correct regulator names on universal_c210
    ARM: EXYNOS4: Add restart hook for proper reboot

    Linus Torvalds (1):
    Linux 3.1-rc5

    Luciano Coelho (1):
    wl12xx: add max_sched_scan_ssids value to the hw description

    Magnus Damm (8):
    ARM: mach-shmobile: Use CMT2 for timer on sh7372
    clocksource: sh_cmt: wait for CMCNT on init V2
    sh: intc: enable both edges GPIO interrupts on sh7372
    serial: sh-sci: fix DMA build by including dma-mapping.h
    serial: sh-sci: console Runtime PM support
    ARM: mach-shmobile: Remove 3DG/SGX from sh7372 INTCS
    ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372 MSIOF clock support
    ARM: mach-shmobile: sh7372 CMT3 and CMT4 clock support

    Marek Szyprowski (3):
    ARM: SAMSUNG: Add chained enrty/exit call to timer interrupt handler
    ARM: EXYNOS4: add required chained_irq_enter/exit to eint code
    ARM: S5P: add required chained_irq_enter/exit to gpio-int code

    Mark Rutland (2):
    ARM: perf: fix prototype of release_pmu
    ARM: perf: make name of arm_pmu_type consistent

    Mathieu Desnoyers (1):
    sendmmsg/sendmsg: fix unsafe user pointer access

    Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan (1):
    ath9k: Fix PS wrappers in ath9k_set_coverage_class

    Namhyung Kim (1):
    md: use REQ_NOIDLE flag in md_super_write()

    Naveen Krishna Chatradhi (1):
    ARM: S5P: fix bug in spdif_clk_get_rate

    NeilBrown (5):
    md: report failure if a 'set faulty' request doesn't.
    md: ensure changes to 'write-mostly' are reflected in metadata.
    md/linear: avoid corrupting structure while waiting for rcu_free
    to complete.
    md: fix clearing of 'blocked' flag in the presence of bad blocks.
    md/raid5: fix a hang on device failure.

    Nick Bowler (1):
    ARM: 7003/1: vexpress: Add clock definition for the SP805.

    Nicolas de Pesloüan (1):
    MAINTAINERS: Update GIT trees for network development

    Paul Bolle (1):
    Bluetooth: btusb: be quiet on device disconnect

    Paul Gortmaker (2):
    sh: Fix conflicting definitions of ptrace_triggered
    arm: fix compile failure in orion5x/dns323-setup.c

    Paul Mundt (2):
    serial: sh-sci: Fix up default regtype probing.
    sh: Fix up fallout from cpuidle changes.

    Peter Hurley (15):
    Bluetooth: rfcomm: Remove unnecessary krfcommd event
    Bluetooth: rfcomm: Fix lost wakeups waiting to accept socket
    Bluetooth: Fix lost wakeups waiting for sock state change
    Bluetooth: l2cap: Fix lost wakeups waiting to accept socket
    Bluetooth: sco: Fix lost wakeups waiting to accept socket
    Bluetooth: bnep: Fix lost wakeup of session thread
    Bluetooth: cmtp: Fix lost wakeup of session thread
    Bluetooth: l2cap: Fix lost wakeup waiting for ERTM acks
    Bluetooth: bnep: Fix deadlock in session deletion
    Bluetooth: cmtp: Fix deadlock in session deletion
    Bluetooth: hidp: Fix session cleanup on failed conn add
    Bluetooth: hidp: Fix memory leak of cached report descriptor
    Bluetooth: hidp: Only free input device if failed register
    Bluetooth: hidp: Don't release device ref if never held
    Bluetooth: cmtp: Fix session cleanup on failed conn add

    Petr Štetiar (2):
    ARM: 6965/1: ep93xx: add model detection for ts-7300 and ts-7400 boards
    ARM: 6967/1: ep93xx: ts72xx: fix board model detection

    Phil Edworthy (2):
    sh: Fix unaligned memory access for branches without delay slots
    sh: Add unaligned memory access for PC relative intructions

    Ricardo Mendoza (1):
    Bluetooth: Add Toshiba laptops AR30XX device ID

    Russell King (4):
    ARM: pm: CPU specific code should not overwrite r1 (v:p offset)
    ARM: pm: arm920/926: fix number of registers saved
    ARM: pm: some ARMv7 requires a dsb in resume to ensure correctness
    ARM: pm: avoid writing the auxillary control register for ARMv7

    Senthil Balasubramanian (1):
    ath9k_hw: Fix STA (AR9485) bringup issue due to incorrect MAC address

    Simon Horman (2):
    ARM: mach-shmobile: ag5evm: SDHI requires waiting for idle
    mmc: sdhi, mmcif: zboot: Correct clock disable logic

    Srinivas Kandagatla (1):
    ARM: 7014/1: cache-l2x0: Fix L2 Cache size calculation.

    Stanislaw Gruszka (2):
    mac80211: fix suspend/resume races with unregister hw
    rt2x00: do not drop usb dev reference counter on suspend

    Stephen Rothwell (2):
    sparc: Remove another reference to nfsservctl
    remove remaining references to nfsservctl

    Sylwester Nawrocki (1):
    ARM: EXYNOS4: Fix the IRQ definitions for MIPI CSIS device

    Szymon Janc (1):
    Bluetooth: Don't use cmd_timer to timeout HCI reset command

    Takashi YOSHII (1):
    serial: sh-sci: report CTS as active for get_mctrl

    Timur Tabi (1):
    powerpc/85xx: enable the audio drivers in the defconfigs

    Will Deacon (5):
    ARM: realview: ensure visibility of writes during reset
    ARM: twd: register clockevents device before enabling PPI
    ARM: cache: detect VIPT aliasing I-cache on ARMv6
    ARM: 7065/1: kexec: ensure new kernel is entered in ARM state
    ARM: 7066/1: proc-v7: disable SCTLR.TE when disabling MMU

    Yan, Zheng (2):
    mcast: Fix source address selection for multicast listener report
    bridge: Pseudo-header required for the checksum of ICMPv6

    Yoshihiro Shimoda (2):
    net: sh_eth: fix the compile error
    sh: fix the compile error in setup-sh7757.c

    Yulgon Kim (1):
    ARM: EXYNOS4: Increase reset delay for USB HOST PHY

    françois romieu (1):
    cassini: init before use in cas_interruptN.
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