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    Subject[announce] vfs-scale git tree update
    Git tree is here:


    Branch is: vfs-scale-working

    Head is: b3e19d924b6eaf2ca7d22cba99a517c5171007b6

    Changes since last posting:
    * Implemented Linus' suggestions:
    - Switch the filesystem methods in one hit rather than having _rcu
    variants. This avoids a lot of cruft from core code.
    - Implement filesystem rcu-walk aware conversions in seperate patches
    after the APIs are changed, making bisectability better.
    - Change dentry_memcmp to dentry_cmp
    - Rework the way ->d_revalidate is handled to be simpler.

    * Fixed configfs bug caused by switching d_op on live dentry.

    * Leave d_revalidate filesystem changes out for now. The sysfs one
    in particular seems to have been causing a funny regression.

    * Bit more tweaking of changelogs documentation and comments.

    * Passes ltp, xfstests, dbench stressing over nfs, and some of my own
    racer tests on a couple of filesystems. Needs wider testing.

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