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    Subjectconsole problem?, close(2) hangs /sbin/init
    I have a kernel that runs fine with a busybox root file system using
    inittab. When I move to a non-busybox init (sysvinit), I see init
    hanging when doing a close of standard error very early when it starts.
    I have debugged it with GDB but not found the source of the hang as it's
    in the kernel it appears.

    To debug this, I use init=/bin/sh on the kernel command line, then exec
    init to start it. The same root file system works on another board with
    a different kernel. I have also noticed that building init with
    INITDEBUG on so that it forks for debugging makes it work fine. This
    seems to indicate the device nodes are all fine to me.

    It seems related to PID 1 and the console device.

    Adding debug to the kernel in sys_close() shows it hanging in
    filp_close() and I'm still digging more (maybe locking issue). The
    console is a serial device with a newer driver which I suspected to be
    the issue, but can't see anything wrong.

    Any hints or similar problems seen would be much appreciated.

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