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SubjectBoot Consoles question...
Quick question...

In register_console()

if (bcon && ((newcon->flags & (CON_CONSDEV | CON_BOOT)) ==
newcon->flags &= ~CON_PRINTBUFFER;

So - when we are switching over from a boot console to a "real" console
- we don't back up the console, and print everything out.

This means that the boot console is on a different device than that
"real" console - you don't actually see the full boot message (from
log_start) on the "real" console.

Is this what is intended (that the boot message gets split into 2 -
1/3 going into the bootconsole - and the remaining to to the real

I can understand this when both (boot and real) are the same device (serial)
or vga, but where they are not - it is a little confusing to the user - isn't


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