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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ide-cd: Improve "weird block size" error message
On Tuesday 23 June 2009, David Miller wrote:
> Therefore, any objections to something like this?
> ide-cd: Don't warn on bogus block size unless it actually matters.
> Frans Pop reported that his CDROM drive reports a blocksize of 2352,
> and this causes new warnings due to commit
> e8e7b9eb11c34ee18bde8b7011af41938d1ad667 ("ide-cd: fix oops when using
> growisofs").
> What we're trying to do is make sure that "blocklen >> SECTOR_BITS"
> is something the block layer won't choke on.
> And for Frans case "2352 >> SECTOR_BITS" is equal to
> "2048 >> SECTOR_BITS", and thats "4".

So basically there's garbage in unused bits?

> So warning in this case gives no real benefit.

Fine by me. I'll be glad to be rid of that error :-)
I'll give your patch a try with my next build.

But I think my patch still makes sense for those cases where the original
error _does_ exist. Unless your patch fixes those as well, but we can't
know that for sure, can we?

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