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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] OSS Proxy using CUSE

Takashi Iwai wrote:
> Thanks for info. Just a quick glance, CUSE looks like a good
> abstraction for this kind of things.
> I've been thinking that the tunneling to an OSS-emulation daemon would
> be the best way, too, and I actually made a similar hack (not based on
> FUSE but own kernel module).
> It was presented in SUSE Labs conference a few years ago. And the
> reaction by audience at that time was what Adrian showed -- why do we
> need such a complexity at all? Well, as long as we have OSS API and
> its applications, we should keep supporting them in a good form.
> Anyway, my implementation at that time was too hackish and I gave up
> soon. If it can be implemented in a generic framework like CUSE,
> it's a good chance to merge to the upstream.
> One thing I couldn't find in your code is the mmap support.
> The mmap support is crucial for some apps, typically used for games.
> Am I missing something?

mmap is essential for some apps? Aiee... I was hoping to skip that one
after reading strong discouragement against it in the OSS programming
manual from 4front.

Adding it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll give it a shot after other
stuff settles down.



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