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    SubjectRe: [Suspend-devel] TAP (and TUN?) devices not working after resume
    On Monday, 14 of July 2008, James Le Cuirot wrote:
    > Hi,


    > uswsusp works great on my machine except for one thing. I use a TAP
    > device for QEMU and after resuming from suspend, it doesn't work
    > anymore until I delete it and recreate it. This is rather annoying
    > because if I have QEMU open, it means I have to close it before
    > recreating the interface and then boot Windows up again. I use OpenVPN
    > to create/delete the interface but I think that's all it does. The rest
    > is done by the kernel. So I'm guessing something's up with the TUN/TAP
    > driver or uswsusp itself. I'm using version 0.8. Sorry if this has
    > already been fixed.

    This is a kernel problem, adding kernel-related CCs.


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