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    SubjectRe: Btrfs v0.14 Released
    On Friday 02 May 2008, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

    [ Btrfs oops with apparmor patched in ]

    > Make is not my forte, but here is a working test to see if apparmor
    > exists in Ubuntu 8.04.
    > Maybe have make apply a patch to the btrfs source if this test
    > succeeds? Does this work in SUSE?

    Thanks, but this uses CONFIG_SECURITY_APPARMOR which isn't enough to tell if
    the kernel has the patch. Lets go back to Jeff's suse patch:

    * Even if AppArmor isn't enabled, it still has different prototypes.
    * Add more distro/version pairs here to declare which has AppArmor applied.
    #if defined(CONFIG_SUSE_KERNEL)
    # define REMOVE_SUID_PATH 1
    # endif

    Could someone from Ubuntu please suggest a replacement for CONFIG_SUSE_KERNEL
    and KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,22) that would correspond with ubuntu kernels shipped
    with apparmor? We don't need some define from the apparmor patch, just a
    global flag that says it comes from ubuntu is enough.


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