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SubjectRe: new regression in 2.6.25-rc3: no keyboard/lid acpi events on thinkpad T61p
> I also have a T61p, on which STR works. I haven't tried 2.6.25, but it
> works with 2.6.24. Both using the suspend scripts included in Ubuntu
> 7.10, and with s2ram 0.8 (although I need to use --acpi_sleep 2
> (s3_mode) as an option, instead of 1 (s3_bios), which is used by default
> on my model).
> But I'm using the NVidia module, so that most likely changes a lot of
> things. I'll see if I can find time tonight to test 2.6.25-rc3 + nv,
> and report back.
Ok. I've spent some time testing this. The good news is that with the nv
driver, s2ram as available from works, when run without
parameters on a 32-bit

The bad news, however, is that it segfaults reliably after "Calling
get_mode" when I run it on 2.6.25-rc3. GDB shows that the segmentation
fault happens in the libx86 library, but as the version I use doesn't
have debug symbols, I don't have a complete backtrace. I'll try to
compile a version of libx86 tomorrow evening with debug symbols, and
return with a proper backtrace.

I have also tried to bisect the problem (its somewhere between 2.6.24
and 2.6.25rc1, quite a large span). However reverting the resulting
commit didn't solve the problem, I suspect I took a wrong turn
somewhere. I'll try to redo the bisection also tomorrow evening.

So I'll return with a proper bug report tomorrow (in its own thread). I
just wanted to give a heads up, if the above makes sense to anyone ;-)

Kind regards
Klaus S. Madsen

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