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Subjectnew regression in 2.6.25-rc3: no keyboard/lid acpi events on thinkpad T61p
On my T61p, 2.6.25-rc2 seems to get acpi events from keypresses
such as Fn-F4 and lid open/close, prints them in /var/log/acpid
and reacts accordingly (my acpi scripts suspend on lid close and Fn-F4).

This no longer happens in 2.6.25-rc3: I see nothing in /var/log/acpid
after power on:
[Mon Feb 25 20:47:28 2008] completed event "button/power PWRF 00000080 00000001"
[Mon Feb 25 20:48:44 2008] starting up
[Mon Feb 25 20:48:44 2008] 57 rules loaded
[Mon Feb 25 20:48:48 2008] client connected from 5927[0:0]
[Mon Feb 25 20:48:48 2008] 1 client rule loaded

and pressing buttons or closing lid produces no output in
/var/log/acpid and seems to have no effect.

git bisect pointed at commit 208c70a45624400fafd7511b96bc426bf01f8f5e :
ACPI: EC: Use proper handle for boot EC

If I do git revert 208c70a45624400fafd7511b96bc426bf01f8f5e on top
of 2.6.25-rc3, I start getting keyboard acpi events, again.


PS: I see a different problem on resume, it seems to be unrelated to ACPI
and I will bisect and report separately.

PPS: Pls Cc me directly, I am not on the list.

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