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SubjectRe: broken suspend in .2.6.25-rc3 on T61p (was Re: new regression in 2.6.25-rc3: no keyboard/lid acpi events on thinkpad T61p)
Pavel Machek wrote:
>> commit 559bbe6cbd0d8c68d40076a5f7dc98e3bf5864b2
>> Author: Pavel Machek <>
>> Date: Thu Feb 21 13:56:55 2008 +0100
>> power_state: get rid of write-only variable in SATA
> This is pretty unlikely to be it. Can you double check that this patch
> really breaks something?


After reverting 559bbe6cbd0d8c68d40076a5f7dc98e3bf5864b2
on top of 2.6.25-rc3 the kernel again resumes from suspend to

Seems pretty clear to me.


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