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SubjectRe: Top 10 kernel oopses for the week ending January 5th, 2008
Randy Dunlap wrote:
>> (You can do it other and smarter ways too, I'm not claiming that's a
>> particularly good way to do it, and the old "ksymoops" program used to do
>> a pretty good job of this, but I'm used to that particular idiotic way
>> myself, since it's how I've basically always done it)
> One other way to do it (at least for x86-32/64) is to use
> $kerneltree/scripts/decodecode. It may work on other $arches also,
> but I haven't tested it on others.

I've made life easier for those using the website;
at least for x86 oopses the website now does this for you and shows
the decoded Code: line in the raw oops data:

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