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SubjectTop 10 kernel oopses for the week ending January 5th, 2008
The website collects kernel oops and
warning reports from various mailing lists and bugzillas as well as
with a client users can install to auto-submit oopses.
Below is a top 10 list of the oopses collected in the last 7 days.
(Reports prior to 2.6.23 have been omitted in collecting the top 10)

This week, a total of 49 oopses and warnings have been reported,
compared to 53 reports in the previous week.

Rank 1: __ieee80211_rx
Warning at net/mac80211/rx.c:1672
Reported 6 times (11 total reports)
Same issue that was ranked 2nd last week
Johannes has diagnosed this as a driver bug in the iwlwifi drivers
More info:

Rank 2: elv_next_request
kernel page fault
Reported 6 times (7 total reports)
Seems to be related to fast modprobe/rmmod cycles
More info:

Rank 3: d_splice_alias
NULL pointer deref
Reported 3 times
Happens in the isofs code
Only seen in 2.6.24-rc5-mm1
More info:

Rank 4: remove_proc_entry
Was also ranked 4th last week
Only in tainted oopses
Reported 3 times (12 total reports)
More info:

Rank 5: __d_path
In the sys_getcwd system call
Only reported for 2.6.23.x, by one user
Reported 2 times
More info:

Rank 6: device_release
Was ranked 8th last week
Same reports as last week, but now entered into
Reported 2 times (8 total reports)
More info:

Rank 7: pgd_alloc
Has only been seen on machines tainted with the nvidia module
Reported 2 times
More info:

Rank 8: evdev_disconnect
kernel page fault
Reported 2 times (10 total reports)
Previously seen in older kernels including 2.6.21 but as far back as 2.6.16
More info:

Rank 9: mutex_lock
kernel null pointer due to rfcomm_tty_close sysfs interaction
Reported 2 times (9 total reports)
Ranked 9th last week as well
More info:

Rank 10: lock_acquire
WARNING: at kernel/lockdep.c:2658 check_flags()
Reported 2 times (8 total reports)
Seems related to __atomic_notifier_call_chain
More info: news
* There is now a UI client so that if your kernel has an oops, you'll get asked for permission
to submit this (rather than having to manually edit a config file as before)
* If you run the Gentoo distribution, please install the client using "emerge kerneloops"
* If you run the Fedora 8 (or rawhide) distribution, please install the rpm you can download
from the homepage
* If you run Debian unstable, please install the client via apt-get install kerneloops

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