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Subjectisofs maintainer and write support

I write here as the MAINTAINERS file has no entry about the isofs.

The question is : Is there any plan/way/idea to have read/write support
for isofs ?

I know of user space tools that can perform any operation (like
create/read/write/rename/delete file/directory) but that is nowhere
as convenient as a real filesystem.

Use case: Editing a iso9660 filesystem on a DVD+RW. With a r/w isofs most
changes would take a few seconds, while without, the entire 4.5 gigabytes
must be copied to HD, edited and then remastered back to the DVD medium.
(Why I don't use another FS ? Because I use the DVD to store music for
my car cd/dvd player and it understands only iso9660.)
(neither does it know vorbis. Or aac+ :-( )

David Balažic

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