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SubjectRe: isofs maintainer and write support
On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 02:28:58PM +0100, xerces8 wrote:
> I write here as the MAINTAINERS file has no entry about the isofs.
> The question is : Is there any plan/way/idea to have read/write support
> for isofs ?
> I know of user space tools that can perform any operation (like
> create/read/write/rename/delete file/directory) but that is nowhere
> as convenient as a real filesystem.
> Use case: Editing a iso9660 filesystem on a DVD+RW. With a r/w isofs most
> changes would take a few seconds, while without, the entire 4.5 gigabytes
> must be copied to HD, edited and then remastered back to the DVD medium.
> (Why I don't use another FS ? Because I use the DVD to store music for
> my car cd/dvd player and it understands only iso9660.)
> (neither does it know vorbis. Or aac+ :-( )

I find it hard to believe any device that can read a DVD doesn't support
UDF. That would be a very dumb design choice.

UDF was designed for read/write use. iso9660 was very much designed for
read only. It is much more complex to update an iso9660 filesystem
after it is created. It just wasn't meant for it.

Len Sorensen

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