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SubjectRE: boot hangs with SMP, USB storage, and ACPI
On 12 Lip 2006, 00:41, Eric Cooper <> wrote:
> When I try toboota 2.6.17 kernel compiled forSMP(hyperthreading),
> it hangs early in thebootsequence (after printing "FreeingSMP
> alternatives"). The issue seems to be an interaction between a
> USB-storage device (an empty flash card reader built into the
> monitor) andACPI.
> It boots fine if I do any one of these:
> - physically disconnect theUSBdevice
> - disableUSBsupport in the BIOS
> -bootwithacpi=ht
> but none of these is completely satisfactory.
> I'll happily supply more details, run tests, etc. if anyone is
> interested in looking at this. Thanks, and please CC me if you
> respond.
> --
> Eric Cooper e c c @ c m u . e d u

I have exactly the same problem
This happens whenever i boot machine with reader on
or usbstick plugged in.
It happens with newer kernels as well.
It is little bit annoying to reset machine just because i forgot
to switch off the printer which has card reader equipped ;)
some goofing with printks suggests ACPI as a place whenre it freezes.
But i got no proof for that.
Any suggestions are welcome.

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