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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel include files
On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 09:32:39PM -0400, Kyle Moffett wrote:
> On Jun 22, 2007, at 11:00:38, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>> It would certainly help if Joerg would tell what exactly breaks, but I
>> spot one likely problem in include/asm-i386/types.h:
>> #if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__STRICT_ANSI__)
>> typedef __signed__ long long __s64;
>> typedef unsigned long long __u64;
>> #endif
>> It might make sense to remove the #if and simply require that a C compiler
>> under Linux must know about the C99 "long long"?
> Gah, this particular topic and a few other similar header-compatibility
> ones show up once a month on LKML; I should probably just make a patch to
> fix all the types.h files and be done with it. The proper solution is
> this:
> # if __STDC_VERSION__ >= 19901L
> typedef signed long long __s64;
> typedef unsigned long long __u64;
> # elif defined(__GNUC__)
> __extension__ typedef signed long long __s64;
> __extension__ typedef unsigned long long __u64;
> # else
> # error "Your compiler doesn't support long long (IOW: It sucks). Please
> get a new one"

This part is wrong.

gcc supported "long long" before C99 existed.
And Joerg said the Sun cc supported "long long" before gcc did.

> # endif
> That way if you have any kind of vaguely-long-long-compatible compiler then
> it will work, and otherwise you'll get a nice useful error message.

No, consider a pre-C99 gcc version that supports "long long".

> It
> also makes sure that GCC doesn't spew warnings/errors when in c89-pedantic
> mode. The "__extension__" keyword is designed for use in implementation
> header files which want to use GCC-isms unconditionally.

That's a good point I missed.

What about:

#if defined(__GNUC__) && __STDC_VERSION__ < 19901L
__extension__ typedef signed long long __s64;
__extension__ typedef unsigned long long __u64;
typedef signed long long __s64;
typedef unsigned long long __u64;

> Cheers,
> Kyle Moffett



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