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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel include files
On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> Is there some hope that at least the Linux kernel interface definition files and
> everything recursively included from these files will be rewritten in vanilla

this has been discussed many times and the answer is that the kernel is
not gong to change it's side of things to ANSI C.

that doesn't mean that one of the many projects out there to create
seperate interface headers won't do this.

however, there is another interesting thing going on at the moment. The
standards commity is currently deciding what will be in the next rev of
the C specs (tentitivly labels C1x for discussions, they are hopeing to
release them in '09 or '10)

some of the things that are GCC extentions are going to be added to the
spec (ahtough possibly with a change to the syntax)

so now is the time to talk to your local reps who go to these meetings and
make your suggestions for what should be added to the standard and what
should not be.

remember that anything to be added must be implemented somehwere,
preferrably by multiple seperate compilers.

David Lang
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