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SubjectRe: [patch 12/26] SLUB: Slab defragmentation core
On 6/18/07, <> wrote:
> Slab defragmentation occurs either
> 1. Unconditionally when kmem_cache_shrink is called on slab by the kernel
> calling kmem_cache_shrink or slabinfo triggering slab shrinking. This
> form performs defragmentation on all nodes of a NUMA system.
> 2. Conditionally when kmem_cache_defrag(<percentage>, <node>) is called.
> The defragmentation is only performed if the fragmentation of the slab
> is higher then the specified percentage. Fragmentation ratios are measured
> by calculating the percentage of objects in use compared to the total
> number of objects that the slab cache could hold.
> kmem_cache_defrag takes a node parameter. This can either be -1 if
> defragmentation should be performed on all nodes, or a node number.
> If a node number was specified then defragmentation is only performed
> on a specific node.

Hrm, isn't -1 usually 'this node' for NUMA systems? Maybe nr_node_ids
or MAX_NUMNODES should mean 'all nodes'?

Perhaps these would be served with some #defines?

#define NUMA_THISNODE_ID (-1)

or something?

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