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    Subject[patch 00/26] Current slab allocator / SLUB patch queue
    These contain the following groups of patches:

    1. Slab allocator code consolidation and fixing of inconsistencies

    This makes ZERO_SIZE_PTR generic so that it works in all
    slab allocators.

    It adds __GFP_ZERO support to all slab allocators and
    cleans up the zeroing in the slabs and provides modifications
    to remove explicit zeroing following kmalloc_node and
    kmem_cache_alloc_node calls.

    2. SLUB improvements

    Inline some small functions to reduce code size. Some more memory
    optimizations using CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG. Changes to handling of the
    slub_lock and an optimization of runtime determination of kmalloc slabs
    (replaces ilog2 patch that failed with gcc 3.3 on powerpc).

    3. Slab defragmentation

    This is V3 of the patchset with the one fix for the locking problem that
    showed up during testing.

    4. Performance optimizations

    These patches have a long history since the early drafts of SLUB. The
    problem with these patches is that they require the touching of additional
    cachelines (only for read) and SLUB was designed for minimal cacheline
    touching. In doing so we may be able to remove cacheline bouncing in
    particular for remote alloc/ free situations where I have had reports of
    issues that I was not able to confirm for lack of specificity. The tradeoffs
    here are not clear. Certainly the larger cacheline footprint will hurt the
    casual slab user somewhat but it will benefit processes that perform these
    local/remote alloc/free operations.

    I'd appreciate if someone could evaluate these.

    The complete patchset against 2.6.22-rc4-mm2 is available at

    Tested on

    x86_64 SMP
    x86_64 NUMA emulation
    IA64 emulator
    Altix 64p/128G NUMA system.
    Altix 8p/6G asymmetric NUMA system.

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