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SubjectRe: How does RAID work with IT8212 RAID PCI card?
On 6/13/06, Lennart Sorensen <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 01:20:55PM -0300, Matheus Izvekov wrote:
> > No not true, i have this card and its a true hardware raid card. The
> > thing is, this card has both a raid and a passthru mode, you should
> > check which bios is flashed into it. Google is your friend.
> Hmm, you would think that if the bios lets you setup a raid, then it
> must have raid mode enabled then. Or does it need a different driver to
> work then?
> Len Sorensen

Im not sre, never flashed the bios for passthru mode, because the
driver lets you select the mode thru some modparm. But maybe the
different bios only changes the default mode.
Anyway, this card is hardware raid for sure.
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