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SubjectHow does RAID work with IT8212 RAID PCI card?
Hello everybody,

i need some advise regarding the usage of the above kernel module. Today i
have plugged a PCI RAID card into my computer, IT8212 chip on it, and two
identical hard drives on the primary and secondary master of that controller.
In the controller BIOS i defined a mirror set out of those both disks and
booted linux afterwards.

Loading the kernel module dmesg showed that the controller was found and that
2 harddiscs are attached to it.

The thing that i wonder about is, that i still can "see" both harddisks
independently, but i would expect to see only one harddisk at all, that
represents the RAID set. Udev also registers /dev/hde and /dev/hdg, but (as
far as i can see) no further device.

Is there anything wrong about my setup? Is this i driver issue? Or is this the
normal and expected behaviour and its me who doesn't "use" the module
properly? How to i access the RAID set instead of the two seperate disks?

Thanks in advance. Yours sincerely,
Christian Haertwig
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