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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] iWARP Connection Manager.
On Wed, 31 May 2006 15:58:00 -0500
Steve Wise <> wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-05-31 at 12:24 -0700, Roland Dreier wrote:
> > > > + cm_id_priv = kzalloc(sizeof *cm_id_priv, GFP_KERNEL);
> >
> > > Please put paren's after sizeof, it is not required by C but it
> > > is easier to read.
> >
> > I disagree -- I hate seeing sizeof look like a function call.
> >
> For the most part, drivers/infiniband/core uses sizeof without
> parentheses. So I think the correct answer here is to keep the iwcm.c
> file in line with the rest of the core.

Make yours right, Bunk will "fix" infiniband core. The kernel style
matters not the subsystem. In Documentation/CodingStyle

Chapter 13: Allocating memory

The kernel provides the following general purpose memory allocators:
kmalloc(), kzalloc(), kcalloc(), and vmalloc(). Please refer to the API
documentation for further information about them.

The preferred form for passing a size of a struct is the following:

p = kmalloc(sizeof(*p), ...);

The alternative form where struct name is spelled out hurts readability and
introduces an opportunity for a bug when the pointer variable type is changed
but the corresponding sizeof that is passed to a memory allocator is not.

Casting the return value which is a void pointer is redundant. The
conversion from void pointer to any other pointer type is guaranteed by
the C programming language.
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